Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurance Is Accepted?

Imperial Calcasieu Surgical Center accepts all types of insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. Both in-network, as well as out-of-network, insurance is accepted.

How Long Will It take?

You will have a scheduled time for your procedure. We will make every effort to minimize patient wait times, but occasionally delays can occur due to the care needs of other patients. Your procedure should start within one hour of arrival. The length of time for your procedure will vary; your physician can provide you with an estimated length of surgery. After your procedure, you can expect to stay for an hour-and-a-half or until the staff determines it is safe for you to go home.

Should I Take My Medications Prior To My Procedure?

If you take medications routinely for any condition, ask your surgeon whether to take it or not, the day of surgery (Example: Insulin, Blood Pressure Pills, or Heart Medication). Hold blood thinners such as (HEPARIN or LOVENOX) two days prior to surgery. Do not take COUMADIN 5 days prior to surgery. This must be clearance and consulted with their cardiologist before and after surgery. Any patient with cardiovascular disease must have seen their cardiologist within 12 months prior to surgery.